How Extra Yachts is Setting a New Lifestyle Standard for Superyachts

With a lineup that draws inspiration from architecture and the automobile industry, Extra Yachts isn’t just giving yacht owners a smooth cruise. They’re setting new standards for what “livability” looks like at sea.

To innovate, you need to look forward. But you also need to perfect the now. This is something that Extra Yachts — a brand of industry-loved ISA Yachts — understands well. 

With a lineup that draws inspiration from architecture and the automobile industry, they’re not just giving yacht owners a smooth cruise. They’re setting new standards for what “livability” looks like at sea. 

How Extra Yachts is Redefining Comfort Through Design 

The Extra X30 Villa is appropriately named. An open-plan, multi-level layout combines with panoramic glass views to mimic the airy, expansive livability of a high-up penthouse. But while a penthouse puts you high in the air, the X30 Villa keeps you closer to the peace of the sea. 

The Extra X30 Villa, one of many super yachts for sale through Extra Yachts | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker
Yacht interior design rendering of Extra X30 Villa superyacht | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

The current layout gives VIP cabins access to the water in just one or two steps. With a private entrance to the transom, stepping out over the water in the morning gives the same thrill as stepping out on a private penthouse balcony high above the colorful houses of the Italian coastline. 

And that’s no mistake. 

“Unrivaled livability” is the name of the game for Extra Yachts. And it shows. 

Their slightly smaller (but no less impressive) model — the Extra X96 Triplex — favors open-air living spaces with an upper deck whose windows can be pushed back for easy flow between the cockpit and dining table. 

The Extra X96 Triplex, a stunning superyacht for sale from Extra Yachts | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

When it comes to options of stunning superyachts for sale, the Extra X96 Triplex (along with its sisters in Extra’s lineup) take top prize for their impressive and thoughtfully-designed exterior and interior volumes.

Large and sprawling social spaces offer ample opportunities to unwind with drinks in hand and conversations flowing, while keeping yacht owners impressively close to the water with design that incorporates the beauty of nature into every angle. 

Going Beyond Interior Yacht Design: Sustainability in Action

Boat shows from the last year have put sustainability center-stage. (With the 2022 Cannes Yacht Festival even including a so-called “Green Route” celebrating eco-friendly innovation in action). 

While innovation might be the name of the game when it comes to new onboard electric, hybrid, and hydrogen power systems taking over the market, these new systems come with amped-up cruisability attached. 

In powerful superyachts for sale like the Extra X96 Triplex, top-tier interior yacht design features are coupled with a semi-displacement propulsion system featuring 3 Volvo Penta IPS engines of 1000 horsepower each. 

The Extra X96 Triplex from the year; a superyacht owner dream | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

This leads to less fuel consumption during cruising, while also awarding speeds of up to 18 knots. 

For her part, the Extra X30 Villa’s multihull is powered by two Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines that work to reduce CO2 emissions, while solar panels direct clean energy to the many onboard amenities that owners of this for sale superyacht can expect. 

Why Livability Is the New Frontier of For Sale Superyachts 

The yacht market is expected to build at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8% between 2023 to 2030. This growth comes on the back of industry-record sales in 2019, as a new influx of first-time yacht buyers entered the market. 

A high-up view of superyacht luxury in action while cruising next to an island | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

Nowadays, providing an ultra-luxurious vacation for those who buy a superyacht isn’t enough. Feeling the comforts of home out at sea — while also staying closely in touch with that expected luxury as well as the water that surrounds — is top priority for superyacht owners. 

With fleets like those championed by Extra Yachts, we see this next wave in superyachting take center stage. 

With exterior lines inspired by automobile excellence and interior yacht design that brings the comfort of a villa to the sea, superyacht owners get the best of both land-and-water worlds. And then a little extra. 

A Smoother Ride and Comfort Collide In Superyachts for Sale 

It’s not just the obvious interior and exterior design features that offer the comforts of home. The spacious layouts favored by Extra Yachts are combined with impressive stability and maneuverability. 

Whether you prefer to fill your days and nights with socializing or want to relax and unwind in total tranquility, one thing will be sure: noise won’t be there to distract. 

Luxury exterior and interior yacht design on full display as owners enjoy | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

Your days will be whatever you make them, with Extra Yachts’ livability-forward interior yacht design and smooth exterior architecture providing the perfect backdrop to make every moment of your time onboard count. 

How Extra Yachts Stack Up to Other Superyachts on the Market

Whether livability reigns supreme in your mind, or a closeness to nature is what you crave: Extra Yachts offers innovative approaches to creating crossover between comfort and luxury

View of Italian coastline from back of for sale super yachts | Steve Doyle Yacht Broker

While the Extra X30 Villa remains the biggest in the fleet (at 100 feet), the X96 Triplex (at 96 feet) impresses with its strong personality — one that can be seen even at a distance. Meanwhile, Extra’s 76-foot model gives guests the same direct access to the sea, while providing max comfort at a top speed of up to 20 knots. 

In this way, Extra Yachts is setting a new expectation for what superyachts can be. In a world where luxury can co-exist with the natural landscape, no moment of a trip is wasted. Because every moment is one spent in touch with the waves. 

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